14 August, 2011

Long Dark Teatime

Sunday evening has rolled around, again. And just like every week I suffer from existential dread. It's really not existential, I dread going back to work in the morning. But I like paying the bills and being able to buy quilting fabric and books, so might as well soldier through the Long Dark Teatime of the Soul and focus on more cheerful things.

Have you ever read anything by Christopher Moore? Lamb? The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove? Bite Me? Thomas is working his way through Moore's works as books on cd. I have read several. Listening to Moore's Fool with Thomas as he recuperated reminded me that I had the book, so I've been reading bits of that all weekend, and it's fabulous. Much like the movie I saw with my parents last weekend, the language is salty, but it works in this case, since I am not reading (or listening to it) with my folks. As funny as Fool is, and it is laugh out loud hilarious, I still think I like Lamb better, which is the story of Jesus as told by his childhood friend, a rascal called Biff. Remember how the Bible has the story of Jesus up to about 12 as scares his parents by remaining at the temple, and then he sort of disappears until he's about 30? Biff fills us in on what happened during those years.I won't be ruining it if I tell you he traveled and met some very interesting characters...including those three Wise men who brought him birthday gifts.

Since Thomas is recovering from the removal of his last Wisdom, we had a quiet weekend. Reading, taking naps, watching movies, sleeping, eating, and occasionally taking the dogs out on slow walks in the humidity. We had thunderstorms yesterday and plain rain today. I've worked on my Italian Tiles quilt. It's slow going but I have made noticeable progress. I've been re-reading Sheri S. Tepper's latest book, The Waters Rising, again. I can always go back to any of her books (except Beauty, which is too sad) when I need a comfort read.

We are going to watch Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland now!

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