19 August, 2011

The Good News and the Bad

I got a nice surprise today. Dad called today and he and my Mom are flying up for the weekend. They are on their way to Niagara to meet their friends next week, so they are stopping over with me for a few days. The parentals have never flown up here, so this is a first.

I took Jake to the vet tonight. He's not been well lately, losing weight, getting very tottery. I didn't know whether he was just getting old, or maybe he had cancer, or whatever. I did some online research and found a description of a disease that older dogs get, when their pancreas doesn't work properly anymore.The symptoms sounded like what is going on with Jake. I wanted to discuss it with the vet and see what she thought.

What she though is that it is entirely possible, given his symptoms. Rather than doing the expensive blood test, she sent me home with $60 worth of pancreatic enzyme tablets to give Jake with each meal. If he does have this pancreatic disease, he's been slowly starving, because his body hasn't been able to properly digest his food and absorb it.

So, think some good thoughts for my little dog. He's my sweet Fat Baby (his nickname from long ago, when he WAS a Fat Baby). I sure hope this treatment works and gets his Fat back!


  1. You should take your parents to Mari Luna. Pick up a popover for Jake while you're there.

  2. No Mari Luna this trip, maybe next time!