03 February, 2011

The Year of the Metal Rabbit

I hear it's the year of the Golden Rabbit (Golden sounds much nicer than the bare "Metal") and here is what a Golden Rabbit year means for a Wood Snake:

If you are a Wood Snake, it means that you are born between 2nd February 1965 to 20th January 1966. [I am now solidly middle aged, in other words.] 

There will be considerable change concerning their work in 2011 and the faster they can adjust to the changes, the less pressure there will be for the Wood Snake. [I hope something is about to change. Lately, work has been so boring that watching paint dry would be exciting by comparison. Roll on change..]

 The 2011 Snake horoscope predictions indicate a very busy rabbit year for the Wood Snake and it would be beneficial for them to set aside some time for an occasional treat or else their health will suffer in the rabbit year. [I am all about the little treats. Later this month Thomas and I will be going away for a long weekend with a friend to a cabin in the woods.]

The Wood Snake should also keep in touch with their friends despite the hectic schedule. [That is always solid advice.]

There will also be additional income for the Wood Snake in 2011 from the advances in their career. [Woot!]

For a good feng shui in 2011, the Wood Snake must keep their lifestyle in balance at all times during the 2011 Year of the Rabbit. Use this 2011 Snake horoscope to give yourself a happy and satisfying rabbit year.

 I'm exhausted, so it's off to bed, to keep my lifestyle in balance.

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