13 February, 2011

Art (for Year of the Rabbit and Otherwise)

Gung Hay Fat Choy and all that! A few weeks ago I did something new. I joined an artist trading card site, made some cards for Chinese New Year, and participated in a trade. So much fun!

The trade was for the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rabbit. My cards, which I stupidly didn't take photos of, were mostly watercolor, with some collage thrown in. Back in December while Thomas was in Deutschland, I purchased some watercolors and have been futzing with them.

I am never going to be Mary Cassatt, but am having a good time with these little cards. ATCs are small cards, 2.5" x 3.5", on which you make any kind of art your heart desires. Most of the ones I am doing I'm making just for fun, but I did participate in this trade. I sent off three of mine, and this morning, I got back three in return. I got cards from Minnesota, Germany, and Canada. Two of them feature cute little rabbits, but my favorite is a dyspeptic little boy dressed in Chinese festival clothing, apparently wrestling a koi. I think he's playing with a kite shaped like a koi, but the idea of Attack of the Killer Koi is more amusing.

If anyone wants an ATC, let me know and I'll make you one of any theme of your choice. These things are fun! I've made a couple of cards for my nieces, and I want to do a few more trades.

Speaking of my art (O the Pretension) - I finally sent off that DogStar quilt for quilting. Woe is me, the timing is going to be tight to get it back in time for the BHQG Quilt Expo. I procrastinated on sending it off, then was too cheap to pay for fast shipping. When I get it back, I'll have to attach the binding. I may be pulling some all-nighters in early March to have this sucker ready to hang in the show. This is all so typical for me. Maybe I don't have enough real drama in my life, and creating these ridiculous pain-points feeds into some need I have for feelings of urgency! and hurriedness!

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