07 February, 2011

A Hunter's Star Quilt

Last year at the Mid-Appalachian Quilter's Symposium I took a two day class on making a Hunter's Star quilt from Deb Tucker, who designs rulers to streamline making some of the traditional block.

Here is the quilt that I made.
I used mostly dog themed fabrics, and the colors are mostly tan/offwhite, black, orange and red. This isn't my usual color palette, but I like this a lot.
If you know anyone who wants to buy it from me for $400, I'll sell it. I want to raise money for CSAC.

Deb Hunter, the designer/teacher who taught the class was very good. She's very dynamic and energetic. About 1 hour into the class she knew the names of the 20 women in the class. I would take another class from her. I liked the pattern so much I'm thinking about making another with only two or four colors.


  1. Looks as good here as it did on facebook! Really impressed!

  2. Wow Amanda! Looks great! I like the pattern and the stars are really sharp. :o)