21 February, 2011

leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure

There are fifty-two weekends this year, but this past weekend is probably going to be the best one I will have all year. Thomas and I took off Thursday/Friday, added them to the long President's Day weekend, and headed off to a cabin in Allisonia, VA with our friend Samantha.

Our little cabin (2 bedrooms, 1 bath) was nicely appointed with almost everything you could need, except a potato masher. We had 300 cable channels, which we only used a little. What was almost more important than what it had, is what it didn't have. It didn't have internet access except for some spotty coverage on Sam's phone. So, if you don't have internet, what can you do in February of 2011? Here's what you can do:

Make flying geese blocks for a quilt
Watch The Tenth Kingdom
Listen to two Agatha Christie novels on Sam's iPod radio thingy
Walk the dogs
Make smores on the gas stove
Drowse, as an alternative to napping
Apply binding to a quilt
Make a baby quilt top for a charity
Talk some more
Cook and eat delicious meals

Good googly moogly, it was amazing, the most relaxing five days I can remember having in a long time. So often on vacation we feel like we have to run around seeing and doing. This weekend we just focused on being. I need more of this in my life.

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