10 February, 2011

Nothing sure but Death and Taxes

Anyone who has known me in the last 13 years knows that when tax time rolls around, I start getting tense. Every year, just as the 14th of April draws closer, Thomas and I wind up in at least one, and sometimes several arguments about doing the taxes. It is very hard to fight with Thomas because I get red-faced furious, with gritted teeth and hissed invective, and he's like a smooth stone wall, all bland calm, imperturbable and righteous.

If it were up to me, we would take all our stuff to a CPA and pay a professional to do it for us. Having it hanging over my head makes me crazy. I don't honestly mind getting the papers in order, but the waiting makes me crazy. I want to do it, and either file for a return, or know how much we will pay. Apparently, the suggestion causes Thomas actual physical pain. The idea of paying someone to do something we can! do! ourselves! The problem is that he refuses to do it early enough to suit me. And every weekend of every February and every March Thomas has good reasons why we can't get around to it. And every weekend as April 14th gets closer, I want to smack him over the head with a copy of TurboTax.

Last year it was just so ugly. We fought and fought about doing it, then while we were doing it we fought because he wanted to take breaks! and I wanted to get it over with! Several friends said that I needed to back off about this, since, for whatever reason, we just cannot agree on the timing of the taxes. Apparently, someone has to be adult and it ought to be me. So this year, although it is paining me, I haven't said a word about taxes. Not once have I mentioned it, or asked when The Great Tax Preparer thinks he might be able to get around to it. If it kills me, I am not going to say anything. If we have to file an extension and do it in July, I'm not saying a word. Maybe I can learn to relax and love the bomb taxes.

Tonight I have decided that I would get all the charity receipts and W-2s in order. I can at least do my part to move us closer to the moment when the stars align and Thomas feels it is an auspicious time to tackle the task.It is making me feel better.

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