01 April, 2013

Captain Morgan... just plain Morgan will do

We are fostering another Cocker Spaniel. His name is Morgan. He is a 12 year old, deaf, white-and-butterscotch boy with a full, plumy tail.

He's ridiculously soft and pretty. He has big, dark eyes that make his look sort of like a plush toy. So far he's been calm, though we did find he does not like people to mess with his food bowl. Which I can totally understand, but you need to know these things to avoid trouble.

He was turned in by his owners for who knows what reason. He was in a foster home and did well there for a while, but eventually they couldn't keep him, I don't know why. He was in the kennel for a couple of weeks where he did NOT do well. He's got anxiety over being caged or penned up, and he went a little do-lally. According to the kennel people he just started scraping his nose against the cage until he had a huge wound on his nose. (He's got a scar.) A CSAC volunteer went and got him and kept him for a week until Thomas and I could get him. We are giving him free wandering rights of the house and he's doing okay.

Not sure yet if he'll be a permanent resident, we like to let these things work out in their own time. If he's a good fit, it will show itself.