10 March, 2013

You should smell like dirt...and smoke

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.  ~Margaret Atwood

 Yesterday it was a lovely early (early!) spring day. It was cool, but the sunshine and blue skies made it necessary for us to spend a lot of time out in the garden. We took the heavy layer of straw mulch off the raised beds to let the sunshine get at the soil.

I took pictures of things.

Things like flowers:

A dog and a witch hazel bush. Witch hazels here bloom in late winter. This one has been blooming since the third week of February.

And the yard in its early spring, very little growth glory.

We wound up picking up sticks and stuffing the chiminea full of wood and having a little fire. We sat there for a couple of hours burning sticks, talking, drinking wine, and wishing that we had some marshmallows. Or marshmallow PEEPS!

Alas, no confectionary, so we just enjoyed the spring and a quiet time together in our yard.


  1. Roasting marshmallow peeps... Gives a whole new meaning to the idea of roast chicken...

  2. Yes, they are chicken but also marshmallow... so confusing and delicious. Peeps are one of my guilty pleasures. They are nothing but sugar covered sugar fluff. And I hate myself for loving them...but I do love them.