17 April, 2013

Dirt under my nails.

Today I planted a bunch of small plants out in the raised garden beds and the beds that surround our grassy patch in the back. They are mostly green globe artichokes, with a few tomatoes and a poppy thrown in for good measure.

I know, I know, it's too early and too cool for the tomatoes. But they were starting to look very raggedy in the basement, and I was afraid if I didn't get them in the soil they were just going to flop over and die. Which they may be doing out in the yard anyway. At least I tried.

I have full confidence in the artichokes. I planted them from seed and they have been vigorous growers in their peat pots. I am sure they will do well. As long as no dogs or other critters stomps them or eats them or does any other critterly damage. Thinking good thoughts for my beautiful future artichokes.

Thomas and I have had two meetings with a landscape designer to help us figure out a plan to fill the backyard with food, native plants, plants to attract pollinators and birds. We are also installing a herb spiral and a small water feature.

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  1. Now it's really important that you take pictures of your yard now. At it's barest. Then you can have before and after pictures!