07 April, 2013

Hi, I'm calling about the rabbit poo. NO, this is not a prank call!

I found a lady on craigslist who had a bunch of rabbit poop she wanted to get rid of. Rabbit poop, in case you don't know, is a good fertilizer that you can apply directly to garden beds without composting. It will not burn your tender plants.
Anyway, I called her the other day and said I'd come get the bunny manure (it's called bunny berries, which I could not say out loud because somehow it sounds gross). We agreed that I would call back and get her address because at the time we first talked I did not have access to pencil/paper.
SO, today I called back and got her answering machine. I left a message:
"Hi, this is Amanda...I'm calling about the rabbit poop. I need your address, please call me on my cell phone and I'll come get it today."
I called back a couple of times and got the machine again. I was curious because the woman had said she always had her cell on her. Also, the voice I was hearing on the machine sounded younger than the woman I talked to on Thursday. So I checked, and SHO NUF, I had misdialled and was leaving messages about RABBIT POOP on some stranger's email, including my full name and phone number in the message.
If you had been anywhere in the vicinity of My Back Yard, Baltimore, MD, USA, North America, Earth, The Universe, The Galaxy, you would have heard my shrieks of laughter. It was that kind of amazing laughter that feels like it cleanses you down to your very soul.
So, my friends, if someone you know tells you they got some wacked out message on their voice mail about bunny poo, my advice is...pretend like you've never heard of me.

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