02 June, 2014

We partied like we were a bunch of middle aged people who can't really party anymore

So, we had our party last Saturday. By the time the party rolled around, we were both so tired that it felt like something of an anticlimax to me. We spent most of the last two weekends working on the yard. We planted perennials, weeded (and weeded and weeded), and transported 20 cubic
yards of mulch from driveway to various spots around the yard, one wheelbarrow at a time.

We had help with aspects of the party, I got the food from Tortilleria Sinaloa in Fells Point, and our helpful
cleaning ladies came over and did a deep clean of the house. But Thomas and I kicked our own butts getting
the yard and patio area clean and looking its best.

The whole evening I kept looking around at all our friends having fun (I hope) and feeling like I was behind a thick
sheet of glass. I could see the party, but I wasn't feeling it so much. Also, several people cancelled at the last minute
or just didn't show up, and I had so much food and so many bottles of beer and wine. We didn't even get around to
making any of the frozen margaritas we had planned; we were just so tired all we wanted to do was have something to eat
and drink and sit and talk to our guests. We had our church group over for lunch yesterday afternoon....
but we are still going to be eating tacos for lunch and dinner for about a week. I like tacos a lot...but that's a lot of tacos!

At least with us getting the yard planted and mulched, the rest of the summer can be spent back there sitting in the shade
and enjoying how pretty it looks, while possibly drinking a cold adult beverage. I cleaned out our bird feeders and installed
them around the yard. Yesterday morning the first thing I saw when I looked outside was two bright goldfinches at one of the feeders. They are one of my favorite birds, seeing that intense flash of color at the
window made me do the happy dance in the living room.

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