15 November, 2013

Two good dogs

I had forgotten we had a few videos of the dogs. This is Roxie and Dru...it's even back when Dru could see.
It made me so happy to see it. It also made me so sad, and I miss them so much.
We had some photos taken of us and the dogs recently and got the proofs back this week. They turned out well. When I get a picture, I will post one.

Another thing that happened this week that made me happy and sad was re-reading all four of Rosemary Kirstein's books in the Steerswoman Series. The books are SO GOOD and I enjoy them so much, but it's making me nuts that its been such a long wait. The Language of Power, the fourth book in the series came out in 2004. By my count, that's almost 10 year ago. Oh Rosemary...less blogging and more writing!

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