30 June, 2013

What I did on my summer vacation

Visited the beautiful Biltmore Estate and toured the stately home. I found it interesting and a good peek into a style of life that is long gone. Did wine tasting at the Biltmore winery and ate dinner at the restaurant there.

Went to the Clemson Creamery on a day when a group of incoming freshmen were there for orientation. Realized that 30 years ago this summer I was in a group of incoming freshmen that was being oriented. Gah! Am old! Bittersweet to see the excited kids and their happy/anxious parents and think back on that time in my life.

Enjoyed relaxing at Patrick Square. Visited with Carmen and her girls and my parents.

Drove by the new Daniel High School that has replaced the old Daniel High School. It's swanky compared to the old school. Just looking at it I can tell it has a/c, which is something they've needed forever.

Picked wild blackberries by the little lake in Pat Square. Picked cultivated blackberries at the Happy Berry berry farm. Ate blackberry cobblers made by my mother and sister.

Was there for my parent's house blessing. Pastors Keith and his wife, who is Pastor Susan (and the local DS) came over, blessed the home,  and gave us family communion. Keith and Susan are also my parent's neighbors and they stayed for a nice dinner.

Purchased the traditonal Clemson t-shirt from Judge Keller. Place was full of freshmen buying orange things.

Was with my sister when we saw Mr. Ables, the man who taught both of us to drive (at seperate times) at Tri County Tech. He is now the proprietor of Ables Driving School - which is apparently THE PREMIER driving school in Pickens County. This led to hilarity and reminiscing about Mr. Ables and his lack of nerves. That man could drive with the most nervous 15 year old in the car and never display the least trepidation.

Stopped off at my friend Samantha's house on the way back to MD.

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