10 February, 2013

Thomas Wolfe didn't know what he was talking about...you can go home again!

Just got home tonight from a week spent in Clemson, SC. Helped my parents move into their beautiful new home there. They'd been living in a cabin in the mountains while waiting for the house to be finished, driving down to Clemson every day to see the progress on the house, so they are overjoyed to be (mostly) in.

It was a long tiring week, but full of laughter, good meals, satisfaction, and golf cart rides. Yes, my parents are the proud owners of a new to them, used golf cart. It was delivered on Monday, and about five minutes after the guy unloaded it from the trailer, the three of us climbed on board and tooled around the neighborhood. Fun!

One of Mom's friends came over one day and helped us hang pictures and rearrange furniture. This lady is a good interior decorator and helped us get the living room looking good. I picked up some tips from her on how to hang pictures.

We ate some delicious meals...and quite a few burgers from Hardees. Mom and I went to get ice cream from Clemson, and went to Liberty to get some of her pictures reframed one day. What with one thing and another we drove over large parts of the Upstate.

Thomas was there from Thursday-Saturday, and with his muscle we were able to get them down from 2 storage units to 1 - and all that is left in that unit is things they are trying to sell.

They are all moved in, except much of their stuff is in the garage, ready to be unpacked in the next weeks and months.

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