19 October, 2012

Friday, not too freaky

It rained and rained yesterday. Then today was dry and clear...right up to the point where I got home and started out on our walk. It was cloudy, and then the lighting and thunder started...at which point I hightailed it home.
I want those little dogs to get their walk, but I'm not going to be outdoors in a storm to make it happen. Then the rain started and it's been pretty steady for the last three-four hours. Not heavy, but just a continuous rain. Thomas, listening to this as he lay on the bed with shivering dogs (scared of thunder), said sourly, "They said it wasn't going to rain today. This isn't supposed to be happening."
My replay was that it doesn't really matter what "they" said, because all the evidence was that it was happening. He gave up and went to bed early, lights off at about 9. I am still up. I've unpacked some more boxes and put things away upstairs, setting up my sewing table so I can get back to work on my next quilt.
I've been watching youtube videos on how to do upholstery. If it was just a matter of redoing a seat cushion, I might give it a shot, but I am not going to have my first project be a large one like a rocking chair. That way lies too many tears...and madness.
I have a plan for tomorrow that involves going to pick up my new chair and taking it to the uphosterer for an estimate. If the price is right I'll make an appointment to drop it back off. Then it's home to paint it. Then I have to do some baking for a get-together tomorrow night. After that I'll probably need to rest.

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