15 June, 2012

Now is the summer of our discontent

This past week has been a little bit insane, what with the anxiety, the difficulty sleeping, the moodiness. Then there was the evening when I was driving home and for the briefest period of time thought about running away where no one knew me and looking for a job doing something like bartending. It was only a minute or two, but for that minute I could practically taste the freedom!

The truth is that we have a vacation coming up, a vacation that will be spend with my family, and sometimes getting ready for that sends me spinning wildly into a frantic anxiety vortex. I love my family, but do not think that any of us bring out the best in each other. Sad, really.

There were some good things that happened this week. I bought a pair of shorts and they fit and don't look too bad. I do have one question about my weight loss since the beginning of the year, which currently stands at minus forty pounds. If I've lost that much weight, why hasn't my ASS gone away? I am still overly gifted in the buttal department, and frankly, would gladly give up some of the overamplitude I'm walking around in front of all the time. I may not be able to see it, but I can tell it's still back there, following me around, like a particularly large, round thing that I would be happy to have less of.

Had dinner one night this week with Deana and Sarah, two of my friends since the Bibelot Days. It was a tremendously good evening. We sat on the roof of Mari Luna, eating gazpacho, drinking white wine sangria, and listening to the song stylings of the Elvis impersonator who sings every Thursday at the diner across the street. It really doesn't get any better than that. I think they put something in the gazpacho that makes you crave it, it's like delicious crack soup. Plus, spending an evening with two of my favorite people with Elvis! thrown in, what could be better?


  1. What do you mean "for the briefest period of time"? I think about that ALL the time!!!

  2. I did "runaway" the other day. I had a doctors appt and just couldn't go home to face everything, so I didn't. I went and sat somewhere and read for 2 hours. I didn't want it to end but real life and responsibilities called. Feeling isn't gone but I am keeping it at bay....until I can't!