29 June, 2012

I gotta put this ointment where?

Back from vacation. I may post a little about that later when I get the pictures. We had fun.

After work today I had to take the Good Dog Ginger to the vet. She's been having some trouble with her behind. Seems that she's got an infection in one of her anal glands, poor pupper.

The vet and I had a bit of a laugh today at how happy, happy, happy Ginger was to see her and all the women who work in the office, even after the vet had to squeeze her butt hard. Unlike Jake, who acted like the vet was trying to kill him, or Dru who wanted to kill the vet, Ginger just kept wiggling and being friendly. She's a great dog.

And now I have to put some creme on her butt and give her antibiotics 2 times a day. I wonder sometimes if my animals have a way of knowing exactly when I get paid. There seems to be a connection. As soon as I get some money, a dog gets a sore butt or an ear infection. And next thing you know I have a tube of ointment and a handfull of pills and my vet has new tires on the Caddie.

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