27 February, 2012

A weekend in the country

When people talk about time off work and good vacations, there is a tendency to think that the farther you travel and the more exotic the locale, the better. It ain't necessarily so. Thomas and I had a wonderful weekend in Alisonia, VA, staying in a cabin. We were there with your friend Samantha. We all brought our dogs, so the six of us had fun.

The cabin wasn't so far away, and it was hardly exotic, but I had the best time. We cooked and ate some delicious meals (and washed a lot of cheezits down with a lot of wine). I worked on some quilt squares and Sam knit a shawl out of yarn she handspun. She helped me figure out how to edge a shawl I am working on.

Saturday was a freezing cold, windy day - and snow flurries fell outside the windows. Sunday was warm and sunny...the change in the two days was amazing.

Sam brought some videos with her, and we watched a bunch of episodes of Psych and laughed like loons.

It was a good weekend.

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