11 February, 2012

They are installing my Christmas present

Yesterday the plumber came and set things up with the gas lines and whatever needed to happen, and today the new inline gas generator is being installed.

This is what Thomas and I jokingly said was our Christmas present to each other. I gave him half of it, and he gave me half, so sometime later when the power goes out and we still have heat and light, we will be thankful for our thoughtful present.

Today I am powering through the 24 blocks I am making for the 1812 quilt. I have the fabric marked and the machine is ready. All I have to do is sew, trim, and press. I already have five made, so this won't be very difficult. I have to hand them back to Joan at next Tuesday's guild meeting, so I want to get this out of the way.

I will try to post some pictures.

I read Janet Evanovich's new book, called something like Welcome to the Nuthouse. Sort of disappointed. The idea had potential, but it was kind of...dare I say, dull. Surprising, since most of her other book make me laugh.

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