03 January, 2016

There is a time for every season under heaven

I started this blog years ago, because my friend Toni told me that she liked how I wrote my emails, and she wanted me to start a blog. Every time we talked, she said, "You should write a blog! I would read your blog!"

So, one day I looked into it, and started this. There's never been any point to it, I write about books, or movies, and my dogs, and things that I think a lot about. Sometimes I tell stories or relate how flabbergasting I find the news (I find the news VERY flabbergasting!).

Toni used to comment and we'd talk about what I wrote on my blog and what she wrote on her blog.

But since she died, I have mostly let this go by the wayside. It feels like A LOT of effort to keep a blog that nobody reads. If I was writing a diary, I could write completely personally, and that would be one thing. If I had a readership, and commenters, it would feel like more of a conversation, and I find that compelling and interesting. But sending my semi-public thoughts out into the ether to sit unread is pitiful and sad. It makes me sad.

So I will probably just continue this as a "now and again" thing as I have been for the last two years. So, until later!

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