30 July, 2015

Eating my way through New Orleans

Heading off to The Big Easy to meet up with my Mom and a bunch of her first cousins and their kids. So...my cousins too. Just a lot of them are cousins I have not met yet.

Not a lot of advanced planning. I think some of us are taking a Segway Tour of the City, and maybe a bus tour. My Mom cannot walk long distances, so both of those things will be fun for her.

A lot of my goals for the trip are gustatory. I intend to try:

A biegnet
A muffuletto sandwich
A real New Orleans praline

And with this crowd, there will definitely be a few adult beverages put away. The thing about this trip is that we are getting together just to have fun, rather than getting together at a funeral...which is where we have seen each other these past 10 years or so. And so we are celebrating family, rather than the loss of family.

And that makes me glad.

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