01 January, 2014

Right back around to the beginning

Today I woke up slightly hung over...but not critically so.

I have worked on a quilt (my January project is to finish a quilt for my parents). I've done a little housework. Not much, admittedly, but a bit. I am in the middle of listening to the BBC Radio play of Neverwhere. It's very good.

I made these from a recipe I found in the King Arthur Flour Company catalog

It was interesting, they start with a biga, a pre-ferment. You mix water, flour, and a bit of yeast and let it ferment overnight. Then you mix the biga with more flour, water, salt, and yeast and proceed as usual with mixing, rising, forming the rolls, rising again, and baking. They taste good.

 I finished the blocks for this quilt today. Now I have to sew them together. Yay...

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  1. I like the subtlety of the quilt colours. I'm always wanting to make things with bright colours, but want to own things that are more muted.