18 August, 2012

Pipe dreams

The house was sold and my parents are homeless until the house is built. But the good news is that the builders started site prep this week. Excitement abounds.

I did a dog transport today.  It was a little black male who was drastically underweight at 17 pounds. He also had huge matts and scaly skin and needs to be neutered. I am SO glad he got into rescue; whoever had him before should be shot.

I am currently watching the BBC movie of My Family and Other Animals and it's making me want to run away to Corfu. Wonder if Greek real estate is less dear than it used to be?  Perhaps I could get some while it's cheap. A little white villa, like a sugar cube, overlooking the sea somewhere.

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  1. I loved those Gerald Durrell books. They are excellent on audio as well. I think I read them at the same time I read all the 'animal' books, like James Herriot and Hugh Lasgarn. He's hilarious.