13 May, 2012

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...


This is our mailbox. We planted that Zebra  Grass about five years ago. A one gallon bucket plant  has grown so large that we've divided it a couple of times and replanted pieces of it in other areas. Last year I put annuals up here, and it looked nice. I decided this year to put in perennials. I want the area to have more variety, and I would rather spend the money once to put in perennials that will grow and fill in. 

Here is what I chose: two types of hearty rosemary, Salvia East Friesland, Cheddar Pinks Tiny Rubies, two different colors of Ice Plant, a Hyssop, and a Creeping Phlox Candy Stripe.


 Trying out placement of the plants.


 Planted and mulched.

We have also had some professional yard work done. We had the huge junipers that you can see behind the mailbox removed and a bunch of things moved around in the front yard. We had about half the back yard fixed up. Only half, because our budget was only so big.

Here are some pictures of it almost completed.

Next to the front door we have new evergreens and a trio of pincushion flowers on each side. So much nicer than the mess of weeds that used to be here. The Acuba that used to be here were moved to other spots in the front yard. Everything is small this year, even the Acuba were trimmed back. It will all fill in during coming years, I hope!

They laid fescue sod, and made us nice beds filled with lavendar, pincushion flowers, yarrow, shasta daisies, artemisia, rudbeckia, ornamental grass, assorted shrubs, and some coral bellls.

Thomas is also putting up a second raised bed near the first one. The first one is planted with peas and potatoes and I'm going to put tomatoes and peppers in the new one. Here he is, building it:

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  1. I think the mail box is going to look wonderful!